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Wonder Woman Toolkit & Confidence Workshop

In March, we were delighted to book end the Spring Foward festival with Brighton Digital Women events. To open the festival we ran a confidence workshop with 30+ members of community seeking ways to feel more confident in themselves, in their business dealings and in presenting themselves.

We aim to encourage more women to enter the digital sector and take up leadership roles, and we wanted to help our community members go for that great job, speak at that event, rock that big meeting and get that promotion. So we gathered together some inspirational women to facilitate sessions that focused on building confidence in yourself, confidence in your interpersonal skills with others and gain confidence in speaking to an audience.

Confidence Workshop brighton

We had some great sessions with the likes of Sophie Turton of The Joyful Web, Pippa Moyle, founder of The City Girl Network, Grace Church and Chloe Young from Stumble Trip Theatre all providing unique insight into aspects of confidence and how to harness the power we all have access to.

Wonder Woman Toolkit

To open the event, Justine Pocock, Head of Design at CodeEnigma, gave a rousing talk sharing her Wonder Woman tool kit. You can read the roundup of her talk in her post “Mind yourself, love”. 

If you only have a few minutes though, or want to remind yourself of some of Justines top tips, take a look at this fantastic Wonder Woman Toolkit image resource she has created especially for you!

wonder woman tool kit
Click to download

Thank you to all of our confidence workshop session leaders. It was a wonderful evening, one we want to repeat again soon.

– Rachel & Allegra xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing the motivational article. I felt really motivated after reading those lines and i would love to share it with other users also.
    Confidence plays a vital role in the formation of such personality that has the power to influence people. I have attended many seminars in which the motive was to boost the confidence every time when we face some issues and to it also helps to realize self-worth.

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