women in tech infographic

Why the world needs more women in tech [Infographic]

The numbers behind the women in tech

This infographic, put together by the gang at NextGeneration Recruitment sheds some light on something we’ve been asking and discussing at the last couple of Brighton Digital Women meet ups.

What we’re wondering now is:

  • How can we encourage more women into technical, digital roles in Sussex?
  • Should it be easier in a digitally centric city like Brighton?
  • How do we talk to younger generation of girls about their options for tech roles involving coding, SEO and web development?
  • How can we overcome sterotypes that arent just bad for women and girls but also hinders men and boys?

We’d be interested to hear what you think. Pop a comment below or meet us in the pub and chat to us. 

Here’s the infographic:

Why the world need more women in tech [Infographic]

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