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What Does Empowerment Really Mean?

This is a guest blog from Lu’Ami, a musician, empowerment advocate, and BelongCon speaker.


The word is thrown around as much as the phrase “self-love”. But what does it really mean?

Does embodying empowerment mean transforming every single trauma we go through, shifting the perspective to something positive, and representing our best selves 24/7?

That sounds exhausting.

Or can empowerment be accessed when we feel vulnerable? When we feel we’ve lost all hope… and then out of the darkness comes a voice that says “I’m not having this anymore, I deserve better”.

Sometimes it takes five, six, ten, or twenty times of us repeating the same patterns for us to realise our true worth. This realisation ignites our self-empowerment.

It won’t be in every situation. It won’t be all of the time. But this makes empowerment all the more special when it does come around.

In small or big situations, you’ll know when it happens. Because you’ll leave feeling more like yourself than you ever have before.

Lu'Ami shares her empowerment story

When I think of an empowered person, I immediately think of Rosa Parks. Rosa reached a point where she had to speak out and say “this is wrong, I won’t sacrifice or disrespect myself for you because of the colour of my skin.”

Rosa knew what society was doing was wrong and made a stand against all odds.

When I think of empowerment, I also think of Nelson Mandela. He was imprisoned for 27 years for protesting freedom and peace for the people.

I am sure you have different heroes that spring to mind when talking of empowerment. People who have gone “against the grain” and sacrificed their freedom for the passion of changing society.

These examples are obviously extreme, and empowerment doesn’t have to be this. To quote every inspirational hanging sign ever, “change starts from within”.

Do you think Rosa Parks let her husband treat her like garbage at home and then just randomly stood up to this other white man on the bus?

I imagine before acting on any societal issues, she had to have been a very strong person within her personal life first. No matter what situation she found herself in.

Whether you complete a Tough Mudder, get a GCSE, walk away from a toxic relationship, ask your boss for a raise, or tell someone a secret that’s been weighing you down — you’re overcoming a personal boundary.

You are choosing to consciously make a new move toward your own personal growth.

This is embodying empowerment. And everyone’s story is different.

I started a Kickstarter to record an EP I wrote about this concept. To celebrate the halfway mark of this campaign, I opened up the “empowerment conversation”.

The first story is a very open and honest story from Guy Jones, a musician who loves cross dressing. Here is his empowerment story:


The “Warriors” EP is a message of personal growth and one of empowerment.

It’s about really coming into ourselves and understanding our strengths, weaknesses, what we will and won’t allow — and using that to make our lives exactly how we want.

Put simply, it’s about becoming badass warriors in own lives!

There are only 15 days left to pledge towards the “Warriors EP: A journey to self-empowerment”.

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