Sussex Digital Award Winner 2017

Sussex Digital Awards 2017 – We only went and WON one!

Thrilled? Over the moon? Besides ourselves with excitement and bursting with pride?

Yeah ALL of the above.

We’re going to be very honest here, when we were made finalist for the small business website category award we pinched ourselves and could nor quite believe it.

I built and developed the site over the last 18 months and the community has been building it up with amazing, helpful and insightful content ever since. To actually win such a prestigious award really felt a little out of our grasp at this point. Impostor syndrome?!

We took home the silver award for best small business website and Allegra, Lana and I could not be more excited and proud of the recognition our community (now company!) has gained.

Rachel, Lana and Allegra with their award

Although we couldn’t be at the ceremony itself, rest assured were following along on Twitter and jumping up and down at the announcement.

Huge thanks too all who have and will collaborate with us on our website, it’s turning into a hub of knowledge, power and insight and we couldn’t do it without our community contributing in blogs and presentations.

Seriously, massive, warm fuzzy thanks to all of you!

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