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Let’s Share Experiences From Our Twenties

This is a guest post from poet and performer, Rachel Shorer. Rachel is performing 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes in Her Twenties for the Brighton Digital Women community later this month. 

Hi there Brighton Digital Women!

So, let’s get comfy shall we? Shoes off, get yourself a drink, settle in, let’s have a chat. Lana from Brighton Digital Women has asked me to stop by the BDW blog to tell you a bit about 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes in Her Twenties, the show I’m going to be performing for BDW on August 23rd, which is about fucking up, getting fucked up, being fucked up in my twenties. (Yes, I do swear a fair bit. I do that in the show too.)

The first thing I want to tell you about the show is actually not about the show (because I am contrary right down to my core, *eyeroll*). So! The show but not the show: What I actually want to tell you about is the tour, coz the tour is amazing and exciting and awesome in a way which will also help me to explain to you what is amazing and exciting and awesome about the show.

I wrote this show about my self-destructive twenties, and I performed it a few times in theatres and festivals and the like, but it never felt quite right. It was lacking this magical something which I’d written about in the show, but which I just couldn’t conjure in those traditional spaces. It was lacking the magic which happens when a group of women get together and get honest with each other. You know that feeling? That it’s going to be ok, even when it’s not ok, because a group of amazing women have got your back?

Rachel Shorers girls night selfie
Rachel’s performance feels like a girls night

I decided, instead, I should tour the show to groups of women, in the spaces where they get together. Mostly, that means I’m going into people’s living rooms to perform the show. It’s like a girls night, with all then things you’d expect from a girls night — drinks, giggles, gossip and sharing stories.

I share the stories of the ways I fucked up in my twenties through poetry, and I invite the audience to tell me their stories about mistakes they made in their twenties. (But if you’re the kind of person who finds audience participation excruciating, don’t worry, it’s totally fine to just sit quietly and enjoy the show that way.)

Female performer with audience
Rachel Shorer on her living room tour with host Maxine and friends.

In order to tour the show, I’m relying on the support of brilliant women like Lana, Rachel and Allegra to offer me spaces and invite a crowd round, which they’ve done! (Seriously, I am so excited every time someone else volunteers to host a performance of the show.)

Brighton Digital Women is hosting 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes in Her Twenties on August 23rd at 6.30pm at Eagle Labs on London Road. I’m really excited to be bringing it to a community of women who already get the power of coming together and supporting each other. I’m looking forward to meeting you, hearing your stories, telling you mine, and getting to know each other.

See you at the show. R x

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