Five Ways Women Are Making Waves In Digital Marketing

This is a guest post by Eliza Brooks, recent graduate and marketing intern. 

The digital marketing space is an evolving one. This means that it is ripe with opportunities that the cunning and the innovative can leverage for their own success. From video marketing for small businesses to social media strategies, here are a few examples of how women are flourishing in the digital marketing world.

1. Sharing their expertise

Female digital marketers are becoming increasingly bold at showing off their expertise, whether it’s at a conference or seminars, through publications, or in one-on-one mentoring. A popular podcast hosted by Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Made Easy, is a great example of the amazing feats that women achieve in the realm of digital marketing.

Amy’s achievements include being a marketing expert, author, and educator who has helped more than 250,000 entrepreneurs gain more confidence and the push to transform their dreams and ideas into businesses. Her talents and expertise have made her a go-to digital marketing expert who knows how to use online content, social media, and email marketing in order to achieve business objectives for both small and big organizations.

2. Flourishing in social media

Women continue to be pivotal figures in the social media environment. They managed to quickly secure themselves as industry experts.

In fact, around 68% of social media influencers are women. They’ve managed to harness the power of social media in selling and promoting products and services. They are acutely aware of which platforms are trending and what marketing strategy can be used around them.

Caroline McCulloch of @frankie4footwear started out as a physiotherapist and podiatrist who grew tired of hearing her clients complain that there are no fashionable orthotic-friendly shoes available. It inspired her to start her own line of stylish orthotic shoes. Customers especially love her products because of the variety that she offers and sizes that go up to size 13. Frankie4Footwear currently has 177,000 followers on Instagram.

3. Pioneers in the field

Women have been succeeding in the digital marketing space for many years. They have been becoming leaders in the industry ever since it bloomed. But gender bias has led to women holding only 21% of senior positions compared to their male counterparts.

Figures such as Ann Handley, Ardath Albee, and Madalyn Skylar were the early pioneers in the industry. They helped paved the way for other females to make their own valuable and important contributions. Ann Handley, for example, is a well-known speaker, best-selling author, and an all-around online marketing expert.

4. Effective strategists

Being able to develop and implement successful and effective strategies is crucial in the sphere of digital marketing. Women within the industry are well-known for their cunning strategic abilities, which draw on both education and experience. The plans and goals that they develop help customers reach, and even exceed, their objectives.

Beverly Jackson is the vice president of the Social Portfolio Strategy at MGM Resorts International. She is in charge of creating and implementing social campaigns for one of the world’s largest entertainment and hospitality companies.

5. Innovative in their ideas

Without question, female leaders are innovators who help propel the world of digital marketing into the future. They use novel and fresh approaches in addressing the challenges in a fast-paced industry.

Coming from the United Kingdom, Lilach Bullock is an innovator at the forefront of social media marketing. She established her first business back in 2006. She was able to tap into the emerging social media industry and leveraged it to become a leader in the industry.

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