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Diversity and Digital in Vancouver: How a Brightonian Founded Her Business Abroad

Claire Beveridge

This is a guest post from the super talented Claire Beveridge, who I had the pleasure of going to Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC) with back in the day. Now both running our own businesses in digital, on opposite sides of the globe, I caught up with her about how she made it all happen. I’ll let Claire take it from here:

Ever had one of those moments in your life where everything clicks into place and you think YES, I am *made* for this role? That’s exactly how I felt when I started working as the Marketing Coordinator for the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony.

Let’s rewind a few years.

I began dabbling in digital in 2005 while working in UGC for a multimedia company in London, before moving into the world of corporate retail.

Retail didn’t suit me. I felt undervalued and subsequently incredibly bored. But it paid the bills and that’s all that mattered. One thing I am thankful for is that retail work gave me the opportunity to start a blog and write freelance outside my shift patterns.

At first my blog was only read by friends and family. Eventually the concept evolved into a full-blown website that was read by 8,000 people a month (RIP Places I Eat Brighton). Throughout the four years that Places I Eat ran, I educated myself on a whole ballpark of digital marketing disciplines: SEO, copywriting, social media, content writing, and content strategy to name but a few.

With the website in full swing, I landed a job doing content marketing for a successful Hove SaaS company. I loved every minute and worked with a fantastic team of people.  

Until I decided to leave England and relocate to Vancouver, Canada.

Luckily for me, the awesome team at the SaaS biz asked me to stay on and work as a part time remote employee. This gave me the chance to set up and launch Claire Beveridge Consulting – a one-woman digital marketing business.

And here I am today. I work with SaaS companies, tech companies, and a range of small businesses in Vancouver on an array of digital marketing projects.

There’s a fantastic Vancouver-centric women only media, tech, and comms group called Girl Gang that regularly posts job ops alongside handy articles and information related to the sector. I saw the listing for the Archives gig, applied, and was lucky enough to be hired.

Throughout the past four months working contractually with the Archives team we devised a succinct and actionable marketing plan, utilized content marketing in the form of a bi-monthly podcast and blog posts, started to optimize the site for organic search, increased our social media following by 450 percent, and increased sessions by 175 percent compared to the previous period.

Working with the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony and launching their Bridging the Gap project has really stuck out as a one-of-a-kind contract. As a out and proud queer woman, could there be anything more exciting than getting to combine your two of your favourite things?

Thanks for sharing your amazing story, Claire! Talking of combining our two favourite things, we’re shaking up a sparkly mix of glitter and solidarity on August 5th.

BDW at Pride Parade

Join us as we march in the Brighton Pride parade to show our support for the LGBTQ community and diversity in digital. 

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