Brighton Digital Women at Radio Reverb

Brighton Digital Women on the Brighton Business Show

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On Friday I took some time out of the hectic office working day and ran across the Laine to Radio Reverb.

Chatting to Laura Evans at the Brighton Business Show on Radio Reverb was a thoroughly enlightening and empowering experience as I often find talking to strong women is! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen back to it without cringing at my own voice but I feel that we covered some really important topics that we as a community in Brighton and Hove should be highlighting.

Here’s the panel for you to listen to for yourself. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

It was truly wonderful to meet Nel from Gender Free World, a fantastic new business creating gender free shirts. A fab fashion initiative that removes the need for us to place ourselves and others in certain gender boxes when it comes to clothing. I really felt lucky to meet her and honoured to be on a panel with someone so inspiring.

We talked about what gender means (nothing?) and how concepts of gender differences and expectations can be built into us from a young age and how we overcome that as individuals and parents. We also discussed the need for greater openness about the gender pay gap for businesses and next years changes in pay transparency for companies over 250 employees.

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I'm the founder of Brighton Digital Women and love being able to develop my knowledge by collaborating with other digital Brightonians. I'm a rare born and bred Brightonian and will NEVER leave! I love to be an active part of Brightons wonderful culture, in particular The Great Escape, Brighton Digital Festival and enjoying a flat white in The Laines whilst listening to the melodic stylings of the birdy whistle man.

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