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We all know a Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is finally going to jail. But there are more of him out there. Content warning with topics on sexual assault. Please take care of yourself.


Another decade of #MeToo?

What are we doing, as we go into 2020, to make this the decade that eliminates sexual harassment…for good? Survivors Networks Caitlin McCullough explores the next stages of #MeToo.

Women got fired

Time to say goodbye: How to fire someone

How do you cope with the difficult job of firing someone at work? Find out in this guest blog post by Brighton-based freelance copywriter, Amy Smith, as she shares insights from her previous role.

pros and cons of freelance

What are the pros and cons of going freelance?

There are inevitably pros and cons to any career choice. This summary will help you decide if freelancing is for you. Being freelance can be hugely rewarding overall but the journey is not without bumps in the road.

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5 ways yoga can help you at work

In this busy, always-on world we live in, our minds are non-stop and our bodies are regularly hunched over screens causing hidden strain on the body and ultimately on our sense of well-being. Claim the FREE BDW yoga offer & learn more about how yoga can help you at work.


What’s the Gender Say Gap and How Can We Bridge It?

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, organisations cannot afford to ignore innovative ideas & there’s an absence of women’s ideas and voices in society. Claire Mason is calling it the “Gender Say Gap”. How can we make women’s voices heard?