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5 ways yoga can help you at work

In this busy, always-on world we live in, our minds are non-stop and our bodies are regularly hunched over screens causing hidden strain on the body and ultimately on our sense of well-being. Claim the FREE BDW yoga offer & learn more about how yoga can help you at work.


What’s the Gender Say Gap and How Can We Bridge It?

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, organisations cannot afford to ignore innovative ideas & there’s an absence of women’s ideas and voices in society. Claire Mason is calling it the “Gender Say Gap”. How can we make women’s voices heard?

Rachel Shorer on tour

Let’s Share Experiences From Our Twenties

Poet and performer, Rachel Shorer, discusses the power of sharing experiences and describes the magical girls night vibe of her performance, 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes in Her Twenties.

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

This is a guest post by Emma Robdale, a freelance writer who describes herself as neurodivergent. Brighton Digital Women embraces all forms of diversity, so we were intrigued to find out more. As a neurodivergentContinue reading

Warriors EP

What Does Empowerment Really Mean?

Lu’Ami, a musician and empowerment advocate, shares what empowerment means to her and why she has created “Warriors EP: A journey to self-empowerment”.

Solo Travel

Hiking, Hygge & My Self Care Activities

How does Rachel cultivate her individuality in order to support her wellbeing? What odd self care activities help her be a more aligned, confident person?

Christmas Work

What Is It Like Being Freelance at Christmas?

To shed some light on being a freelancer over the festive period, we spoke to Chris Byrne, a well-established freelance SEO consultant in London, about everything from stress levels to time management and finance.