Gender Pay Gap Photo Booth

Brighton Digital Festival 2016

Speed-dataing and Gender Pay Gap Photo Booth

Brighton Digital Festival Event

We were so excited to be part of this years Brighton Digital Festival programme along with loads of other incredible events during September.

We’ve signed up for all kinds of hangouts, VR experiences and events to learn and share. Brighton is just the best place for expanding and collaborating on all kinds of digital projects and knowledge.

For our event we encouraged people to share their experience, knowledge, moments of clarity or wisdom and practical skills for 3 minutes each. We worked our way around the tables, meeting and sharing with other digital enthusiasts, students and professionals and learning along the way.

Part of the event was the Gender Pay Gap photo booth. In the back room at Cafe Plenty was a projected presentation of gender pay gaps stats and information.

Share with our community using #BTNDigitalWomen #GenderPayGap.

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