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Who Are We?

Who Runs Brighton Digital Women?

Brighton Digital Women was founded in mid 2015 by Rachel Pearson. Alice Still and Lana Burgess joined Rachel on her mission early on, and helped her build a community of like-minded digital folk. Alice and Lana passed the baton on to Allegra Chapman who joined the team in July 2016.

As of 2020 we actually have a core team! Rachel and Allegra are joined by Katie Eldridge, Kate Herbert-Smith, Jan Pamir and Mo Kanjilal Williams.

Rachel Pearson

Rachel Pearson Brighton Digital Women

Job: Digital Marketing Manager & Filmmaker
Company: SiteVisibility

Allegra Chapman

Who Runs Brighton Digital Women? Allegra Champan

Job: Content and Creative Campaign Consultant and Wellbeing Guru

Allegra Chapman is a mindset and marketing coach, specialising in helping mothers to rediscover their sense of identity and pursue their ambitions. She is also co-founder of Brighton Digital Women.

After more than a decade as a marketing consultant for some of the UK’s biggest brands, Allegra had her first child… and started her own business three months later! Having discovered first-hand how disorientating becoming a mother can be, and experienced the unique challenges of building a business whilst raising a young child, Allegra set out to help other women navigate these journeys with a clearer map than she had!

Mo Kanjilal Williams

Job: Sales Director at Kiss The Fish Ltd

Like many people, I had no idea what career path I wanted to follow after graduating. I tried Marketing initially, but when I saw an opportunity in Sales, I tried it and found I preferred the more direct role of selling. My career progressed through a range of technology companies, from smaller companies, to larger corporations. I reached the role of Global Vice-President of Sales & Marketing in a tech corporation, then decided it was time for a change. I ditched the commute and joined a SaaS company in Brighton. I knew I wanted to do something useful with my new-found free time, so I started mentoring girls for a charity, and attended several Brighton Digital Women events. The more I found out, I knew I wanted to get involved. I joined the team in December 2019 and I love the solidarity, team-work and friendship of this inspiring group of women.

Twitter: @Mo_Kanjilal