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About Us

Where BDW all began

Like most good things, BDW began because people need each other.

In August 2015, I (Rachel) was a lonely in-house digital marketer seeking people to collaborate with and share experiences of the tough parts of online, business, and workplace life. So I reached out via Twitter and asked if any Brighton women would be interested in meeting up. And they were.

Lana, Allegra, and Alice answered my call. We met for several months—along with others—in the North Laine Brewhouse, where we talked about all things digital and discussed issues facing women online. Friendships were forged and potential acknowledged.

Rachel Finch Brighton Digital Women November 2016

Our launch event was the biggest we’d seen to date! 5 years later, we regularly get around 30 – 40 brilliant, friendly, and talented attendees. Some of our community also guest blog for us about issues they care about or experiences they want to share.

Allegra Chapman Cobb Digital

Where is BDW going?

BDW was set up to help women progress their digital careers and take on leadership roles but in 2020 after meeting to review, reflect and redefine our community, we realised that the way to achieve this goal was much wider than the scope of just women in specific digital roles. We want to protect, support, encourage, and lift up any woman who has a presence, either visible or invisible, online. And we want, no, NEED, everyone to help us no matter how they identify.

At its heart, a community of new friendships and professional relationships is growing. Together, we’re always finding new ways to support and challenge each other. We’re impacting Brighton, but because we’ve expanded and enriched the scope of our cause, we are now touching the online lives of women around the globe.

Laughter and fun at Brighton event

Our 5 Strategic Priorities:

  • Give Women a Platform to Grow

  • Rage against the machine of online sexism, discrimination, harassment, and abuse

  • Get Women In Leadership Roles In Sussex

  • Close the Gender Pay Gap In Sussex

  • Be an accessible collective of people to turn to for guidance, inspiration, and support

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