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About Us

Where it all began

Like most good things, Brighton Digital Women began because people need each other (and because pubs exist!).

On a warm August evening in 2015, Rachel, a lone in-house digital marketer seeking people to collaborate with, reached out via Twitter. She asked if any local women in digital would be interested in meeting up. And they were.

Rachel Finch Brighton Digital Women November 2016

Lana, Allegra, and Alice answered Rachel’s call. They met for several months—along with others—in the North Laine Brewhouse, where they talked all things digital and discussed issues that affect women in tech. Friendships were forged and potential acknowledged.

Allegra Chapman Cobb Digital

Having found there was a real interest in relaxed speaker-led events that took the stress out of networking, we launched Brighton Digital Women officially at our November 2015 meetup. We went live with a website, Twitter handle, Facebook page (and even Google Plus!).

Our launch event was the biggest we’d seen to date (at that point)—but we now regularly get around sixty meetup sign-ups each month, and thirty brilliant, friendly, and talented attendees. Some of our community also guest blog for us about issues they care about or the latest from the world of digital marketing.

Things are really kicking off.

Brighton Digital Women November Gallery

Where are we going?

Brighton Digital Women was set up to help women progress their digital careers and take on leadership roles.

At it’s heart, a community of new friendships and professional relationships is growing. Together, we continue to find new ways to support and challenge each other (and the world!).

There are six exciting areas our community will develop during 2017 and beyond:

  1. A first port of call for mentorship, sharing experiences and opportunities to progress
    our knowledge.
  2. A collaborative network to turn to for guidance, inspiration and support.
  3. Opportunities for women to build authority in the East Sussex digital community.
  4. The chance to explore the spectrum of digital career options.
  5.  More role models for the next generation of digital women.
  6. Opportunities for Sussex businesses to show their support for closing the digital gender gap.

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