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7 tips to beat Imposter Syndrome | 20×20 Presentation

The Imposter In Your Life

In March Brighton Digital Women met up to experiment with a new format of presenting. Using 20 slides with 20 seconds each.

Allegra had heard of this format previously and we thought it would a great way to give ridged structure and expectation to those who were new to presenting, wanting to get better at it or generally felt nervous doing it and wanted to combat the jitters.

This is the first in a series of blogs from the meet up with the presentation slides. I went first on the evening, keen to expose my utter lack of preparation and practice due to late night emergencies of the heart. I’m such a good friend!*

Below is my presentation, which went horribly over time, about Imposter Syndrome, or as I inappropriately abbreviated it to, ‘IS’. I am now slightly worried our site will be flagged for terrorism.

*And there was wine.


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