Year: 2016

Matt Daley Circulate Digital Brighton

Winning Micro-Moments With Circulate Digital

How can we reach our online audiences where they are and offer them content that converts them into customers? Matt teaches us how and what we can do to win more business online using AdWords and the Google suite of marketing tools.

Gabriella talking about beginners SEO

A Beginners Guide to SEO

What is SEO and how has it changed? How to get your content found and why data is critical. Gabriella sheds light on content cannibalization.

Strong Women Quote

What is a ‘Strong Woman’?

Straight off the bat, I am not going to be answering this question. I hope the reason will become clear as you read on.

Gender Pay Gap Photo Booth

Brighton Digital Festival 2016

Brighton Digital Festival 2016 ‘speed-datating’ and gender pay gap photo booth! #BTNDigitalWomen explore the facts and figures of the pay gap in digital marketing.

Coffee and a laptop for blogging

Lip-gloss or Tampon Tax

84% of consumers make purchases after reading a blog so do these vloggers, bloggers and Influencers have a responsibility to tackle issues bigger than shampoo?