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11 Non-Bullshit SEO Resources & Practitioners You Can Trust in 2018

One of the most wonderful things about the SEO industry is the willingness and ability to share knowledge.

There is a culture of sharing and collaboration that I havent found in other business sectors that is born out of the passionate curiosity of people who love learning, testing and then learning again. Search engine marketing as a whole is so fast paced in its development and iteration that it’s hard not to get excited about it!

It’s also a breeding ground for inaccuracies and misunderstanding.

This is something I have become aware of in the last couple of years. I am am very curious person, particularly around my main digital marketing interest, SEO. I’ve spent around 7 years running SEO activities and as my knowledge has grown and developed, so has my discernment.

A good thing about learning is that as your experience and knowledge grows, you develop a real knack for identifying bullshit.

There is a lot of bullshit out there. For junior SEOs and students, mid-weight professionals and clients who question our approaches and methods, it can be misleading AT BEST, leading to penalties and angry clients AT WORST. As SEOs we need to always be learning.

reaching out

I (queue douchey business-speak) ‘reached out’ to the BDW followers on Twitter and Facebook to see what their trusted SEO resources and practitioners were in order to share a list of trusted, proven and concrete list with you and inspire you to keep reading and keeping questioning.

An exhaustive list it ain’t, so don’t get mad if you or one of your faves isn’t on there. Share it with us instead 😉 @BTNDigitalWomen

1. Honestly Aine @mcgovernaine shared one of our faves…

2. Aleyda Solis – International SEO Consultant and Speaker

Visit her blog here and make sure you get yourself to any sessions she runs or talks she does at conferences near you. YOU.WILL.LEARN.THINGS.

She also got some amazing FREE tools and resources as well.

3. Search Engine Land

With practical and theoretical articles from proven experts like Danny Sullivan, Greg Gifford, Barry Schwartz, Dawn Anderson and Julie Joyce, it’s hard to go wrong with the information shared here.

The whole Search Engine Land site is an extensive archive of unending knowledge it seems. It is incredibly timely with breaking news and updates. Subscribe!

Bonus Finch Fact: Dawn Anderson is actually one of the reasons my interest in tech SEO was sparked. I saw her speak at Brighton SEO about how she taught herself and I was inspired. Much of what we do as SEOs and digital professionals is based learning as we go and as we do. Being able to self-teach is vital.

4. Kirsty Hulse

Content Marketing Tip

Kirstys blog is equal parts digital marketing genius to comedic thoughts on life. Let’s face it, sometimes we need a laugh when we’re trying to learn how to forecast for SEO!

5. Screaming Frog

I love Screaming Frog and everything about it. The open dialogue Founder Dan Sharp has with users on Twitter is really interesting and the software is always being improved based on user feedback. I know…I know I’m talking about resources and knowledge sharing…so…the content on the site is so thorough and easy to follow.

We think it’s one of the best SEO resources out there. It’s aimed at all levels and you’ll sink into a black hole of learning that sees you consuming post after amazing post and coming to at 3am looking like this….

5 hours & counting on Screaming Frogs Blog

8. Site Visibilitys Internet Marketing Podcast

THIS.IS.EPIC. Over 400 Podcast episodes with well known experts from the world of digital marketing.

The practicalities of this resource are mega as well as you can download the podcasts, listen to them on the treadmill or commute so this knowledge is accessible all the time. It’s also great for those who consume information differently and prefer to listen rather than read. If you’re training for the Brighton Marathon like I am then this is a winner!

9. Ahrefs Blog

Pitched for every level of understanding, beginner through to advanced. I’ve always been a fan of their retro branding and fun to read articles.

Well established tools like Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Majestic and SEM Rush always seem to have amazing insight into research and best practice because they are run by and for SEO fanatics. With such large followings and engagement from the search marketing community it’s easy to trust them with your professional development and learning time.

10. Hubspot

Get a look at those topic clusters!


They’re a practice what they preach brand, or rather, practice, learn, tweak, then preach brand. You want to make sure that the expertise and recommendations a brand or person teaches and shares are applied to their own marketing and SEO efforts.

11. Natalie Arney, ‘Digital Marketing Manager with all things SEO’ says;

Get Off Your Bullshit

That is a really small number of genuine, non-bullshit resources out there. Some of the ones that really know what they’re talking about and acknowledge the responsibility of what they share and teach.

Do you have one not on this list? Pop it in the comments or tweet us and tell us. I’m always up for discovering a new resource and try to broadly read when it comes to such an evolving practice.

Yes. I enjoyed the amount of times I got to type ‘bullshit’.

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