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What is Brighton Digital Women?

Brighton Digital Women is a community of people from all sorts of digital backgrounds. Everyone is welcome at our relaxed, friendly meetups.

Once a month we invite speakers to help us explore different digital themes. After the talks, we open the floor to questions and facilitate a discussion around that month’s topic. Our community is a friendly place where those new to public speaking can develop their skills in a chilled environment.

Together we chat about our challenges and collaborate on projects. You’ll always bump into someone who can help you with a problem you’re facing at work, be it coding, design, content, or personal development. One of our core goals is to assist in the move towards gender parity in all aspects of the digital marketing industry. Find out more about us and our purposes for existing.

Get in touch if you’d like to give a talk or contribute to our growing blog. If you want to be involved on an ongoing basis, check out our contributors page. We’re keen to find people passionate about getting behind our cause.

Upcoming Events:

BDW Presents: 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes in Her Twenties

Thursday 23rd August, 6.30pm, Eagle Lab

Brighton Digital Women is excited to bring you an interactive performance from writer and performer, Rachel Shorer. Expect a sleepover vibe, with sharing, laughing, cringing, and wine!

Rachel Shorer made a lot of mistakes in her twenties. Career, friendships, social life, sex – there wasn’t really any part of her life which she wasn’t fucking up. But she was fine. Seriously. Fine. 10 Mistakes Every Girl Makes in Her Twenties is an intimate, darkly humorous evening of poetry and conversation about missteps, misjudgements and being wrong. It sounds a bit scary, but don’t worry, there’ll be wine.

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You can also find out how you can join with us and support the push for gender parity and a passionate, developing female digital workforce!

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