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What is Brighton Digital Women?

Brighton Digital Women is a community of people who want to make the online world a better place for everyone, especially women. Everyone utilises the web to work, play, communicate, learn, and socialise. However, it’s not a safe, accepting, or equal place for everyone. We’re going to change that!

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Female-led, not female-only

Our prime activity is planning, hosting, and sharing female-led monthly meetups where we ask a variety of speakers from all kinds of backgrounds to share their knowledge, experience, and insight on a particular theme. The bonus is that we have monthly opportunities to fulfill one of our strategic priorities, number 2: ‘Give Women a Platform to Grow’.

After the session, we open the floor to questions and facilitate a discussion around that month’s topic. We focus on digital as the core that runs through everything because of how fundamental it is to the opportunities available for women worldwide. Our community is a place where those new to public speaking can develop confidence in their own voice and know it’s being heard, something often lost online.

Everyone is welcome at our relaxed, friendly meetups. If you believe equal rights, opportunities, and treatment are what every human deserves, on and offline, we encourage you to come along and get involved. We’re in this together!

Find out more about us and our purposes for existing.

Get in touch if you’d like to give a talk or contribute to our growing blog. If you want to be involved on an ongoing basis, check out our contributors page. We’re keen to find people passionate about making Brighton and the Web a better place to be for everyone no matter how you identify.

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Our Partners and Sponsors

We couldn’t function without the support of like-minded, local businesses. Sometimes our meetups need budgets, sometimes we just need practical, hands-on support. These guys are some of the amazing teams that have helped us along the way. You can become one too! Email to find out how.

Find out more about our current amazing sponsors and partners!

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