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What is Brighton Digital Women?Sussex Digital Awards Winner 2017

We’re a community of people in Sussex from all sorts of digital backgrounds. Everyone is welcome at our relaxed, friendly meetups.

Brighton Digital Women get together on the first Wednesday of each month. Someone usually volunteers to give an informal talk and to host discussions around a particular theme.

Together we chat about our recent challenges and successes and collaborate on ways to progress our careers. Find out more about us and our purposes for existing.

We look forward to welcoming you along soon!

Please contact us if you’d like to give a talk, contribute to our blog, or if you have any questions and ideas.

May Meetup – Management & being taken seriously when you’re young

Should you become a manager?

You have done well in your job and you want to progress further. The company is now growing and you probably are or will be recognised as a high-potential employee. If it hasn’t already, the day will soon be here when you find yourself with an opportunity to become a manager.

The question is – is this what you want? What does it even mean to be a manager and leader? What will it mean for your career? And is there an alternative to the ladder?

Executive and career coach Hayley Lawes will equip us with the right questions to ask ourselves as we peer ahead into the unknown world of management and leadership so that we can make more informed and conscious decisions as we take the next career steps

“I honestly do know what I’m talking about” – the struggle to be taken seriously when you started your career young

Abbie Dunne, Paid Search Executive at Cobb Digital, started her career at just 17, and at the age of 20 is already extremely experienced. However, convincing people of that hasn’t always been easy, and in previous jobs she has faced prejudice and a fair few patronising comments.

Abbie will tell us how she dealt with this, how she has learned to demonstrate her skill level without getting annoyed at the haters, and why you really shouldn’t judge a book by the age of its cover.

The write ups are coming soon!

Our Friends

We have a fabulous homes for our events and meetups, check out the stunner of a venue – Cafe Plenty and the creative Eagle Labs Brighton.

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