Author: Lana Burgess

Brighton-born freelance writer and content strategist, who enjoys connecting people. When not organising events for Brighton Digital Women, Lana can be found writing words that help people, publications, and purposeful brands.
Christmas Work

What Is It Like Being Freelance at Christmas?

To shed some light on being a freelancer over the festive period, we spoke to Chris Byrne, a well-established freelance SEO consultant in London, about everything from stress levels to time management and finance.

Time to Speak-up About Wellbeing: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Time to Speak Up About Wellbeing

Just when we thought that 2016 had done its worst (not that it actually had anything to do with the year, we know – but sometimes it’s easier to hate on a date) it struck another blow.

Carrie Fisher.