What is a Brighton Digital Women Contributor?

It became rapidly apparent that we have a whole host of awesome people coming along to our meet ups, engaging with our conversations on social media and wanting to be involved with what we’re doing in Brighton, Hove (and beyond?!)

Prompted by this, we wanted to find a way that people can ‘soft commit’ to contributing the Brighton Digital Women movement and community.

Brighton Digital Women Meetings

What does this mean then?

We want registered, signed up members of the community to step up and become ‘Contributors’. To make be recognised for being more involved with the group, it’s content, it’s activities in Brighton and Hove and our 6 goals. And the level of commitment is generally up to you!

What we’re asking of this role is:

  • Contributing to our blog once a month to once every 6 weeks – This is a core part of our 6 aims. Sharing information, experience, thoughts, making challenges to the world and sharing tangible, practical digital marketing skills and knowledge.
  • Promoting our meetups – Twittter, Facebook, round the water cooler at work. If you know people who would enjoy and benefit from meeting up with the community then sharing is caring.
  • Sharing our 6 objectives and goals for the group – we exist for very definite purposes and sharing these is really important to people aligned with BDW.

Ok guys, what do I get out of it?

Simple things that digital marketing types love. Exposure, experience, credit and the chance to be part of a movement benefiting men, women and children in their careers but also their career outlooks and personal growth (cheeseballs!).

As well as this we’ll always make sure you’re pre-registered for meet ups, you’ll have the opportunity to speak at our meet ups, great from pro-speakers and those, like Rachel, who are just finding their nervous, baby deer-like feet at public speaking.

Of course, Allegra and Rachel and Alice and Lana are always here to support you, talk, listen, guide and generally be there if you need it. Not that we’re anything special ourselves but our community is first and foremost about sharing and support.

Yes! I want in


Fill in the form below. Allegra and Rachel will check weekly for submissions and get back to you to arrange a coffee or, more likely, a wine so we can meet you and chat through what you want to get out of it all.

We’ll then put you on our contributors profile page with a headshot, social handles you want to share and a 80 word profile. We’ll then link to your blog archive page once your first one is live and are commitment to you is that we’ll share your wonderful words with the world.

Contributor Application