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What is Brighton Digital Women?

Brighton Digital Women is a community of people from all sorts of digital backgrounds. Everyone is welcome at our relaxed, friendly meetups.

Once a month we invite speakers to help us explore different digital themes. After the talks, we open the floor to questions and facilitate a discussion around that month’s topic. Our community is a friendly place where those new to public speaking can develop their skills in a chilled environment.

Together we chat about our challenges and collaborate on projects. You’ll always bump into someone who can help you with a problem you’re facing at work, be it coding, design, content, or personal development. One of our core goals is to assist in the move towards gender parity in all aspects of the digital marketing industry. Find out more about us and our purposes for existing.

Get in touch if you’d like to give a talk or contribute to our growing blog. If you want to be involved on an ongoing basis, check out our contributors page. We’re keen to find people passionate about getting behind our cause.

Upcoming Meetups:

February: Why being Green is good for you and your business – Monday 12th Feb, 7pm

Hear three talks from the Brighton community on the theme of ‘Green and ethical business for brands and individuals’.

1. ‘The Call of the Wild’ – Nigel Berman – School of the Wild

From digital to the woods. Nigel will explore how nature can help with making meaningful connections, support creative thinking, health and well-being, and why we need to protect her.

2. ‘Life Lessons from Those ‘Less Fortunate’?’ – Carrie Brightwell

Having taken a year out to travel a corner of the earth unlike our own, Carrie has found herself plonked back in the society and her biggest culture shock yet. Let her share with you valuable life lessons from far away cultures that we can build into our day-to-day lives for overall improved wellbeing.

Carrie has an excellent track record as a senior manager in Learning & Development working for various prestigious companies. Starting her own coaching business, Bright Wellbeing, she also works as a Transformation Coach helping people to transform their lives in the right direction for them. That was until she put it on hold for a year to explore Asia and her inner self….

3. ‘Why Are We Drowning In Packaging?’ – Jimmy Dorrell – Creative Bloom

Jimmy discusses why packaging has such a high, but avoidable, environmental impact and how it is down to consumers to show businesses that there is money to be made by being greener.

Jimmy is an eco-marketeer, commentator, environmental scientist and burgeoning social activist. He is the co-founder of Creative Bloom, a marketing agency for the good guys and has worked in the eco-sector for 15 years

Eventbrite - Why Being Green Is Good For You & Your Business | Brighton Digital Women February 2018


March: Inclusive International Women’s Day Celebration – Thursday 8th March, 6pm, PLATF9RM.

With venue sponsorship by Platf9rmBrighton Digital Women and Pure360 have teamed up to bring a gender inclusive International Women’s Day celebration to Brighton and Hove.

Join us for a prosecco drinks reception and “gender parity promise” photo boothing fun! Here’s how it will work on the night:

  • Think: Have a think about one thing you or your company could promise to do help us reach gender parity. It can be a tiny gesture, or a big ambition—whatever works for you. This is your “gender parity promise”.
  • Write: Grab one of our markers and scribble your gender parity promise down on one of our signs.
  • Snap: Hop into the photo booth and take a photo with your gender parity promise.
  • Share: Share your photo socially, live from our photo booth, to show your support for the cause.

Tickets are FREE but limited. Grab one now to avoid disappointment. We look forward to welcoming you!

Eventbrite - Why Being Green Is Good For You & Your Business | Brighton Digital Women February 2018

Our Partners and Sponsors

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You can also find out how you can join with us and support the push for gender parity and a passionate, developing female digital workforce!

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