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Brighton Digital Women is a community of people in Sussex from all sorts of digital backgrounds. Everyone is welcome at our relaxed, friendly meetups.

We get together on the first Wednesday of each month. Someone usually volunteers to give an informal talk and to host discussions around a particular theme.

Together we chat about our recent challenges and successes, and collaborate on ways to progress our careers.

We look forward to welcoming you along soon!

Please contact us if you’d like to give a talk, write a blog, or if you have any questions.


What’s our purpose?

The Brighton Digital Women community was set up to help women progress their digital careers and take on more leadership roles.

There are six exciting areas our community will develop during 2016 and beyond:

1. A first port of call for mentorship, sharing experiences and opportunities to progress
our knowledge

2. A collaborative network to turn to for guidance, inspiration and support

3. Opportunities for women to build authority in the East Sussex digital community

4. The chance to explore the spectrum of digital career options

5. More role models for the next generation of digital women

6. Opportunities for Sussex businesses to show their support for closing the digital gender gap



Social measurement: what’s a ‘like’ worth?

Join us at Cafe Plenty on Wednesday 1st of June from 6.30pm for our next Brighton Digital Women meetup.

In this session, we’ll be exploring social media measurement with Leapfrogg‘s Natural Engagement Manager and BDW regular, Allegra Chapman.

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Our new venue: kindly provided by Cafe Plenty

Having outgrown our previous venues, we’re really excited to announce that we have a fabulous new home for our events: Cafe Plenty.

Brighton Digital Women Venue Cafe Plenty Logo

Cafe Plenty is a gorgeous industrial design inspired space, with a real community vibe – and it’s all ours for the evenings of the first Wednesday of each month.

Wine, beer and espresso martinis (yes, really) will be available at reasonable prices – so do come thirsty!



What happened in May?

Our very own Princess Lana hosted our meetup on Star Wars day this month and the focus of discussion was on Digital PR. This is the blog you’re looking for….



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